Meet Bernard Jabs, a Georgia Rapper Whose Concise Tracks Still Hit Hard [UPCOMING ARTIST]

When we premiered Bernard Jabs' "Together Forever" at the beginning of 2018 it was clear the teenage rapper from Tifton, a small city in Georgia, had a lot of potentials, but we couldn't have anticipated what happened next. Bernard Jabs' 2018 was a whirlwind, as he signed with Def Jam, went on tour with Pusha T, moved to L.A., and released his first music videos.

Concise tracks with sharp rapping over hard-hitting beats have always been Bernard Jabs' calling card, and he hasn't deviated too much from the formula since signing. It will be interesting to see how his sound evolves, but most importantly he's a highly talented rapper with an ear for melody and natural charisma. The young artist's success so far is well-deserved, but his potential going into 2019 is even more exciting.

He is one of the newest additions to Def Jam’s roster and already has a full schedule of announcements. His debut single, “Big Tymer”, and his EP, COLDHEARTED, are both slated to release later this year. “Big Tymer” is a slight nod to his Southern rap predecessors, embodying all the confidence that comes with both being a growing teenager as well as a burgeoning star. Parts of his exuberance are balanced out recognizing the work he has to do in bars like “I’m immortal baby, I’ ma die when the world ends/ Too much on my plate, man this shit feels like a whirlwind / I can’t let me go, no no, I can give em no chance.”