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Among all industries right now, few may be as open to innovation as the fashion industry. Indeed, the $2.4 trillion industry has always been a hotbed for new trends, whether in aesthetics or e-commerce. With such a drive for new things, fashion is now moving towards the latest in tech: augmented reality. If you think about it, it makes complete sense! Augmented reality is a tool that can revolutionize how consumers interact with brands. With this tech, marketers can seamlessly blend real-time surroundings into boundless animated designs. And consumers see the benefits as well. Around 62% believe that augmented reality can help them when shopping for goods.

There are gaps in recreating the store experience. Without a clickthrough option for Machine-A customers to go from the AR portal directly to the e-commerce site to purchase the clothing, sales could suffer. It is more about brand awareness, interaction, and creating that desirability; the technology can also help capture consumer preferences. In the future, it can help the store do more innovative marketing and buying decisions. Some level of interactivity for users in the digital world helps boost the value proposition for customers.

As AR transforms your customer's shopping experience, your business will also see an array of benefits from this promising new technology. First, revenue will increase because customers will be likelier to order an item of clothing after seeing how it looks on them. Furthermore, you're likely to have fewer returns because your mail-order customers won't have as many big surprises when putting on the product they've purchased. It's also worth noting that since the AR marketing experience is all digital, its KPIs can be very closely tracked. This will enable you to measure the precise impact of your campaign and continue to hone the effectiveness of your visual merchandising decisions. Fashion brands that offer an AR experience, especially during the current early phases of the technology, will benefit from positioning their brand at the leading edge of the ongoing tech revolution.

"I think Fashion brands will use Livshows AR Builder to create digital experiences and allow their customers to purchase directly from the digital experience. "

Coy Griffin
Founder of YourOwnCreativity

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