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See how MeetFrida used Livshows in marketing their art in public spaces in Germany

Meet Ana Schwan, the CEO of Meetfrida, an international art platform that launched in 2020. MeetFrida was launched in summer 2020 due to Corona as a new initiative to promote artists in Germany. Since then, the project has shown the online gallery with various art campaigns in the urban environment, aspiring art positions in painting, photography and sculpture by artists from all over Germany.

In summer 2021, Meetfrida launched their Augmented Reality campaign through different locations throughout Hamburg, Germany, using a unique box with a QR code to the project in AR that combined a total of 20 various artists and digital art pieces and generated over 5000 scans!. Ana started thinking about using AR earlier this year as she was thinking of different unique methods of showcasing art in the public space.  Ana mentions that physical art pieces can get quite expensive and are very delicate when creating the campaign and using the Livshows Augmented Reality builder. She enjoys that it's a web app as it avoids limitations of creative opportunities with AR instead of an app.

The name ARt Gallery alludes to the digital implementation of the exhibition in AR (Augmented Reality): the mobile phone screen becomes the museum entrance. Fine arts can be experienced interactively and immersed in a group exhibition. The exhibition is made visible in real space via a pink cube that marks the location and enables access to the digital museum via QR code. Visitors can scan the code by mobile phone, and the AR exhibition opens directly in the browser; an app is not necessary.

Ana discusses that the Livshows AR builder is something she has in her digital toolbox alongside Adobe Creative Suite and other design tools that can go hand in hand when creating these AR experiences. Getting hands-on was very simple, quick and easy to use for this campaign. She believes that  Augmented Reality in Hamburg can be done in any part of the world and looks forward to creating more Augmented Reality Art installations in the future!

"Livshows is a great tool for marketing campaigns and product showcase."

Ana Schwan
CEO at MeetFrida

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