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Meet Borna | A 2D Graphic designer creates a memorable 3D AR experience #behindthebuild

Transport your audience into the world of music with AR

Creatives like Borna, Digital Designer at Aritizia & Lead Designer at HICU have always been the first to push the boundaries of new mediums, take the tools, and boldly experiment with them as means of communication and storytelling, art and culture. Borna created an AR experience for mirrors latest EP, "HOUSE OF MIRRORS," which transported his audience into the music world. He brings the narrative, lyrics, and the very feeling of his music into the homes of his fans with augmented reality. It brings culturally significant content into the world, acting as a powerful promotional tool in a highly competitive digital era. The AR experience has demonstrated that AR branded content clocks in at over a minute of average engagement per session versus 20 seconds for video ads. When 60,000 songs are being released on Spotify each day, this is valuable engagement time within a full-length album. 

"My design environment is usually 2D, but Livshows created such an accessible way to design 3D. Allowing me to seamlessly publish immersive augmented reality experiences that my audience can step into in their living room."

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Borna, Digital Designer at Aritizia & Lead Designer at HICU

Whether you are marketing for a  music album, fashion brand or conference, Livshows AR Builder enables you to tell stories and share experiences that your audience will recall for years to come. The recent unprecedented events have accelerated the advancement. They need technology that powers new ways to reach your audience. Colorful and interactive content generates pre-event hype, where fans and followers can interact, transact, and share content on social media. WebAR campaigns can deliver an ROI on your digital marketing campaign. 

Augmented reality is no longer gimmicky but rather a powerful tool to provide added value for users. One of the main benefits of Livshows AR builder is that there is no app download required, erasing a massive point of friction to attract and onboard new users. All you have to do is navigate to the webpage URL through any iOS or Android smartphone camera. It removes any friction point as users try to access the experience. They can share it just as quickly, making it easy to update and integrate into any digital marketing campaign. 

Get started with your WebAR campaign, sign up for Livshows AR builder; no coding required.