Iconic moment: Jay-Z gave Cole his original Roc-A-Fella chain in during a concert on Cole’s 29th birthday.

During a concert at Madison Square Garden, Jay Z gave Cole the biggest compliment ever by giving him his original roc-a-fella chain. SO ICONIC

Cole himself was in a giving mood, passing out free copies of his surprise mixtape Revenge of the Dreamers and revealing that his Dreamville record imprint just signed a partnership deal with Interscope.


But when Jay joined J.Cole onstage, the master stunned the learner by giving him a piece of hip hop history: Jay's original Roc-A-Fella gold chain. "First of all, happy birthday to J. Cole. It's his birthday but he's giving out gifts," Jay said, referring to the mixtape. "So I think it's only right that you get a gift. That, on your neck, is my original Roc chain. And it's yours."

Jay-Z signed J. Cole to the record label whereas Dame Dash signed Kanye to the record label. On the "Through The Wire" video, you actually see Dame Dash giving Kanye his Rocafella chain. Understand that Kanye was an official producer with Rocafella for quite some time before he dropped his own album so Jay-Z heard Ye's flows from when he first started rapping and there was tremendous growth in his talent up to the point that he actually dropped his CD.  Jay-Z didn't really believe Kanye was going to be as successful as he was initially, and Dame felt that even if his flows didn't eventually get better he would be still be valuable as far as production abilities. This is all explained on the last song of The College Dropout called "Last Call" by Kanye himself.