Figuring out who you are as a young artist is no easy task, but Role Model made impressive progress in 2018, and as 2019 gets going, it feels like he's on the verge of a breakthrough.

On a four-song EP called Arizona In The Summer, Role Model re-introduced himself with a laid-back, melody-driven delivery and tones of the DIY pop style that yielded a handful of potential superstars over the last couple of years. But unlike a lot of his peers, even Role Model's early work hinted at a more ambitious, polished sound. The mellow "i don't rly like u" boasts a standout chorus, and songs like "not a fan" and "six speed" make it easy to imagine Role Model evolving into a new kind of pop star. His feature on Busu's "100k coffin" remix was the perfect way to cap off the year.

We all need a role model. Tucker Pillsbury, known by the moniker ROLE MODEL, uses his voice to touch on those oh-so-relatable issues plaguing the end of youth. The up and comer pairs dreamy bedroom production and diary-style lyrics to dive into painful topics of depression, failed relationships, self-doubt and loneliness–somehow delivering it all in a warm and comforting package.


The height of ROLE MODEL’s trials with coming of age occurred after a life-threatening ski accident in 2017, leaving him isolated and in need of an outlet for his emotions. After conceptualizing his debut EP, that same prolonged sadness has served as his muse ever since, slowly but surely getting ground into the songs that have pushed him into the spotlight. ROLE MODEL touches on that somber inspiration, saying.

“Six speed” is ROLE MODEL’s latest release, but also marks a milestone in his artistry as he makes strides toward bigger stages. If you’re looking for honesty, relatability and hope growing from broken places, ROLE MODEL has you covered. 

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